Friday, November 20, 2009



Owl decals and owl wallpaper haven't seen such popularity since the Owl and the Pussycat was on the best seller list. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but certainly owl wall decorations haven't been used to the extent that they are today since the late 70s and early 80s.

Owl theme home decor may have been dormant for a decade or so but they are making a huge comeback not only in the kitchen or den, but in the baby's room and right on into the bathroom. The range of colors, sizes and style of owl decals is as varied as the age groups that are flocking (if you'll pardon the pun) to them.

Nature lovers have never abandoned owl decals, wall decorations and art but these days they find themselves members of a club with many more members than they have seen in quite some time.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Enjoy the beauty of birds in your home without the mess with bird wall decals that are so incredibly realistic that you can almost hear them singing! And if you decide that the initial spot that you handpicked as the best place in your house for them to roost, all that will be needed is for you to peel them off and stick them in their new location.

That is just how convenient it is to decorate the walls of your bedroom, bathroom or family living space with our feathered friends.

Paint a tree mural and use the branches as a spot where your bird wall decals can be perched. If painting a tree is beyond your level of artistic skill, buy tree wall decals taking care that the size is right for the space that you are decorating and arrange your bird wall stickers after it is in place. You will appreciate the fact that you can easily relocate the entire wall arrangement whenever you please and enjoy the reusable, vinyl tree and bird wall decals over and over.

Monday, September 7, 2009


painting shapes squares designs on the wall

Choosing your baby nursery wall decor and paint color will be one of the first decisions made in the process of decorating your little one’s first room. Most professional decorators who are experts on the subject of nursery design recommend choosing an inspiration piece which in most cases would be the crib set.

The reason for this is undoubtedly due to the fact that the quilt or comforter’s fabric offers a guide to color matching and accent colors. Once you have made your selection, it’s advisable to then move along to the next color choice, the paint color for the walls.
If your space is small, pull a lighter shade from your inspiration fabric. To make a large room feel cozy, consider a darker paint color to bring the walls and ceiling closer to you visually and remember that you will get a lot more mileage out of neutrals than bright primary colors that will need to be changed every time a new set of bedding is introduced.

When you are satisfied that the walls are ready, it’s time to add the next layer of nursery wall decor. This is the step that gives amateur decorators and in this case, new parents, the jitters. It’s pretty intimidating to think that you could damage the perfect paint job that you just finished with a poorly placed nail hole. The great thing about modern nursery wall decor is that there are many decorative items that do not require nails to hang them.

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Friday, June 26, 2009


Back in the late 70s and early 80s, owls were all the rage. Today there are owl wall decals in the craft and home decorating stores produced to match trendy teenage girls owl bedding are decorating the walls of bedrooms. Some fall in line with a warm retro look. Other owl wall stickers are seen in softer pastel colors to coordinate with baby owl bedding sets and nursery decor.


Decorating with owl wall decals can be very interesting in that you might line up a row of these cute creatures over a bedroom door in sizes graduating from large to small or you might use them as part of a rustic or woodsy wall mural along with a variety of other forest creatures. Perhaps a more modern approach would be to position a tree mural on the wall and perch your owl stickers on the branches along with the leaves.


Orange and brown earth tones have been very popular perhaps in keeping with some species natural coloring. But don't let tradition keep you from experimenting with pastels or any color that matches the layout of your bedroom. Have fun, be fanciful and see how many creative ways that these birds can be used to decorate the walls of your home.

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Monday, June 8, 2009


cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

Thanks to the cute bee wall stickers, the bee theme wall painting technique that you see in the above picture is easier to execute than you might imagine. Using cute bee vinyl stickers or a sheet or two of cheap honey bee decals will save you a lot of time, aggravation and flatten the earning curve of learning to paint bumble bees to such a level that even kids could arrange these graphics on the wall with no problem.

cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

There are several different styles of honey bee decals that you can experiment with. The ones that were used in between the stenciled words in the photo were part of a bedding set by Wendy Bellissimo. I believe that the use of the single bee wall stickers look best for this particular display. But not every decorator has the time or the skills to effectively stencil bees or the words directing visitors to the kids’ bedroom to "Bee Kind", "Bee Loving", "Bee Happy" and "Bee True" without damaging the cheerful, yellow paint on the walls.

If you wanted to skip painting the inspirational words on your bee theme wall, perhaps the best honey bee decals for your purpose would be those that come in a collection that include beehives, butterflies, flowers and other insects that might be found in a cottage garden setting to fill out your decorative wall display.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


pink and black wall decor stickers decals polka dots

Imagine a wall covered in pink French poodles and Eiffel Towers or some other pink and black wall decor that matches your daughter’s or your own taste in bedroom design. Chances are that if you have a picture in your mind of a particular wall covering, decal or sticker there is a vendor out there that not only has the design of your dreams ready and waiting to be arranged on the walls of your home but that is willing to personalize the pink and black wall decals with whatever name or saying that you would care for.

As I mentioned earlier, pink French poodles are all the rage at the moment for use in a tiny toddler girl’s room as well as ladies of any age with a penchant for all things Parisian. But the fun with does not stop with the use of a single style in vinyl wall decorations as there are so many other fun shapes to experiment with like polka dots and stripes.

pink and wall wall decals hearts


To take a less funky and more romantic approach you might mix things up with some sassy pink and black wall stickers with hearts and flowers in sizes that vary from very large, to medium and very small to keep the arrangement unique and interesting.

pink and black skulls and crossbones wall stickers decals


Pink and black wall decor to complement gothic rooms, believe it or not, can be very cute. Pretty pink skulls and crossbones have never looked better than these modern stickers.

If your idea of the perfect accessory for your decorating project is pink and black wall decor, have no fear, we’ve got you and your walls covered.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


whale wall decals stickers appliques murals blue killer large

whale wall decals stickers appliques murals blue killer large

Applications for whale wall decals and stickers are as vast as the ocean that these magnificent creatures call home. I can recall seeing pictures of plaster whales decorating the walls of bathrooms as early as the 1950s. As I call to mind the image of these cute whales with bubbly personalities and of all things, big beautiful eyes and long curling eyelashes, I can easily understand why these vintage pieces are so highly sought after today.

Some decorators would settle for nothing less than one of these early examples of whale wall art to gussy up their bedroom or bath. But for the person with a limited budget or a large expanse of wall to fill, whale wall stickers might be the best choice.

Whale wall stickers and wallpaper borders to match the whale baby bedding and decor in a nursery are no more in keeping with reality than they were in their molded form of several decades past. For kids’ rooms, pink, lavender or even lime green whales are just as common as killer or blue whale stickers.

To please the decorative taste of scuba divers who have been up close and personal with the original article, there are large whale wall decals that will please the most critical eye. These are wonderful additions to deep sea murals where a realistic appearance is preferred. Plus, you can peel the removable, vinyl whale wall decals off the wall and rearrange them any time you change apartments or just to give your whale wall mural a fresh new look.

As far as price is concerned, all versions are cheap compared to having a mural painted, much less time consuming that painting one yourself or hanging a large wallpaper mural that would be nearly impossible to relocate should you have the need.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


giant camo wall decals

These giant camo wall decals are the perfect wall art for your kids camo bedroom walls. Military tanks, jeeps and hummers bursting through the walls will trump traditional, framed camo wall art any day of the week!

Hanging rolls of wall covering can be more than the average do it yourself decorating buff wants to tackle. It’s a battle to get the wallpaper smooth and straight and those of us who have done it a few times know it requires a lot of trips up and down a ladder. Even with the best assistant on hand to help, installing a complete camo wall mural is a big job that’s not for sissies.

In comparison, even giant camo wall decals are a piece of cake. Vinyl camouflage stickers offer quick and easy camouflage wall decor with a fraction of the effort or the cost. The large military tank or jeep wall decal will probably take care of one bedroom wall with no other decorations necessary. To decorate the remainder of the kids’ bedroom walls or the baby’s camo nursery, you could make an arrangement of small camo wall appliques that have been cut in shapes of helicopters, fighter jets or jeeps. To personalize your project, spell your child’s name or initials out in pink, blue or olive green, mossy oak camo wooden wall letters.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


vintage ingram regulator wall clocks

Whenever I come across unique
vintage wall clocks I not only have to resist the urge to take each and every one home with me; I have to use self control to will myself to get on with my day and not drift into dreams of what monumental occurrences had transpired surrounding the item. The pendulums and the resonance of the tick tock engages me in thought and fanciful imaginings of the happenings in the seconds, minutes and hours that the hands of these timepieces have marked along the way.

Each one has its own style unlike the plastic, mass produced clocks in today’s stores. What modern electronic timekeeping devices offer in accuracy, they lack in personality and presence in the home. Standing beside vintage clocks, they come across as so sterile, one dimensional and boring. Digital clocks are easy to read, efficient and compact but they simply don’t speak to me.

The movements of an elegant piece designed to not only mark the time but to decorate may seem old fashioned to some. But I find it very comforting to hear the steady ticking of my great-grandmother’s clock echoing in the halls when I open the door to my otherwise empty house.

I was fortunate enough that my ancestors were the kind that resisted most advances in technology. While others were downsizing and upgrading, mine believed that it was always better to maintain and fix items they owned including those massive antique clocks that were at times a challenge to fit into homes with standard height ceilings and limited wall space.

Vintage clocks and furnishings that were a part of your forebears daily lives are priceless. However, if you did not inherit a grandfather clock in every sense of the word should that prevent you from owning an antique or vintage wall clock? Certainly not! Start a tradition of your own and pass it forward.

If you believe that a large wooden, floor or wall clock won’t fit in your modern apartment or blend with your decor I would encourage you to look further and become acquainted with the various options that are available to you. There are retro, vintage clocks that are small, colorful and lots of fun. Vintage clocks don’t have to be formal. Some collectors enjoy vintage, advertising clocks in their kitchens and game rooms. Model airplane enthusiasts might enjoy an aircraft clock that you lucked up and found on ebay. Little girls with a kitty cat bedroom might appreciate a kit cat clock.

If your budget won’t allow the purchase of an authentic antique clock, don’t be a snob and deprive yourself of the pleasure of owning a clock with character; find a store that specializes in reproductions until you can afford the real deal.

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Friday, March 20, 2009


candy wall decorations decor stickers decals vinyl

For colorful, sweet flavor without the sticky faces, it would be hard to compete with vinyl candy wall decorations. Stickers for the baby’s nursery are relatively common and have given solid wallpaper and borders some stiff competition due to the fact that decals are so easy to apply. A rank amateur can get the job done with professional results in a few minutes. Plus, candy wall decor, unlike rolls of wallpaper border are removable as well as reusable.

These candy wall decorations will mask the minor flaws on your walls that might otherwise require at the least detailed preparation before the application process could take place. At the worst, a light touch up including sanding and filling holes and sanding them smooth again might be required for the best results.

I can imagine a unique room based on one of my favorite kid’s games, Candyland. What a wonderful opportunity to surround your kids with candy and sweets without the worry of damage to their dental work! The only problem might be convincing your toddler that although the wall stickers might look good enough to eat they are for decorative purposes alone!

What an excellent way to bring your child’s favorite characters, Uncle Wrigley and all the colorful locations of the board game to life. Not to mention that the space will be a delightful display of color and fun until your little ones outgrow their candy wall decorations at which time you can simply peel your candy wall décor off the walls and replace them with decals that reflect their current interests and color choices.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


French Parisian Wall Decals, Stickers, Clings and Appliques

For those seeking to recreate the atmosphere of the Champs de Elysees, Parisian wall decals of the Eiffel Tower and other scenes from gay Paris will come in ever so handy. Barring having a starving artist pitch a tent in the bedroom or den of your home in order to get a mural of the Parisian countryside painted on your walls for a hefty price, French wall decals are the best alternative.

I do not mean to suggest that you should go pasting pastoral scenes or images associated with impressionist prints on the walls. What I would suggest in the way of stickers would be something of a more sophisticated and slightly less complex design.

When it comes to Parisian wall decals, Eiffel tower stickers are impossible to beat. They are a decorator's dream as there are stickers as large or as small as your space may require. If a French wall decal that spans the floor to the ceiling is required to decorate your wall according to your taste, no problem. Believe it or not, even color matching will not be an issue. I have recently noted that manufacturers have taken liberty with the traditional black design of this Parisian landmark by turning out French wall decals in pink, purple and even red.

One can only assume that there are fabrics and styles of decor that would clash with the architectural wonder in its original form. Although I must admit that I prefer my French wall decals in a more authentic style and design; basic black cutouts are preferred whenever possible. But I do try to keep an open mind so I never say never.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


bedroom vinyl decal tree wall mural stickers



Whether you know them as decorative, vinyl wall decals ,
wall stickers or appliques, you have to admit they have really come into their own as fashionable decor for bedrooms, kitchens or even family rooms. Stickers made from cheap, plastic materials from the past have been replaced with much improved, vinyl that is so resilient that the applications for their use have virtually exploded onto the home decorating scene.

I don’t know about you, but a few years back I considered the best place for vinyl stickers was in the bottom of the bathtub to add some traction to an otherwise slippery surface. There were little fish, seashells and other cutouts that one might associate with water. Although what the inhabitants of the ocean and shower baths had in common other than water escapes me even now.

Today, decorative vinyl wall decals for the home have moved beyond the limits of the bathroom door. And while sea creatures are still popular subjects for wall appliques, their latest version might glow in the dark or feature a 3D design. Actually I’ve only seen glow in the dark solar system wall appliqués but who says that a starfish won’t be next?


The beauty of using removable baby nursery wall decals to decorate your little one's room or that hard to fill spot behind your favorite chair in the den is that you can experiment to your heart’s content. If you aren’t happy with the effect on one area of your home’s decor, peel it off and stick it on the wall in another room. I’m sure that you will agree that sheer mobility may give wall stickers an advantage over stenciling in many situations.

You may be having difficulties in wrapping your head around stickers in living areas of your home. But take it from me that not only are they stylish but the right wall stickers can do wonders for solving decorating problems.

As an example, I recently used a chandelier wall appliqué in a formal dining room that was too small for a large ceiling fixture. The results were dramatic. The large sticker on the walls gave the illusion of a chandelier over the table without actually taking up space which made the room look bigger and might I say, very trendy and stylish.


Flowers and tropical fish wall stickers are still out there, only now there are coral reef stickers and many more ocean creatures that will add layer upon layer of color and interest to your designs. Animals are another big hit with decorators. Life size jungle stick ons of zebra, giraffes and big cats do a lot to punch up the activity in painted murals. And teeny boppers can rejoice in the knowledge that many of their favorite pop idols have a selection of wall decals in their promotional product lines.


Here's where wall decals move boldly where no other sticker has dared to go. Word stickers for walls are primarily custom made according to your specifications. And it shouldn't surprise you to know that special orders for wall phrase decals have gone through the roof. Everything from funny sayings to your favorite Bible verses can be printed and made ready to decorate your walls in beautiful script. Use them in place of wallpaper borders at chair rail height or to span the room directly under the crown molding. It's entirely up to you and that's just another aspect that makes them so appealing.

Here’s a little decorating secret; wall stickers are wonderful to camouflage flaws in a room’s wall paint. Nicks and nail holes disappear without having to spring for painting the entire area. And those are just a few of the pros of inexpensive, reusable vinyl wall decals. Stay tuned to find more unique and interesting wall decorating ideas and tips on how to use stickers to make your home more beautiful for very cheap price.


Twig wreath with tulips
You know that spring is just around the corner when you see twig wreaths decorated with tulips, lily of the valley and bright, satin ribbons. When the snow is just beginning to melt, the sight of the first brave crocus peeking its pretty face out to meet the sun makes me want to color the world in pastels.

My first step in the process is to give the wreaths on the doors and walls a makeover. The berries and pinecones that were so appropriate last fall will be removed and stored until I’m ready to cocoon in late autumn. Right now, nothing will do but flowers for the door wreath and Easter bunnies and baby chicks for the primitive twig wreath for the wreath on the door leading to my rustic, bear, moose theme baby nursery room where I’ve been so careful to keep things primitive in design.

I’m conflicted over whether it’s best to make a trip to the woods and gather materials to make a brand new wreath and store the less colorful one in its original form. It’s so easy to make twig or grapevine wreaths that it might be simpler to start from scratch than to remove, store only to decorate the twig wreath again next fall.

What I love about twig wreaths is that they are an empty palette, are easy to personalize and make lovely, affordable gifts for kids, babies or adults on your Christmas or baby shower list.

Here are some easy instructions for how to make your own wreath from twigs.

Your supply list should give a hint at why I love these cheap gifts:

  • A straightened wire coat hanger
  • Florist wire (22 gauge will work)
  • Decorations (more suggestions on that later)

Step 1.) Gather your twigs. Don’t overlook twigs from shrubs and bushes around your house that need trimming anyway.

Step 2.) Trim your twigs into a uniform length of about 5 – 6 inches

Step 3.) Prepare your base (the straight portion of the heavy clothes hanger wire) into whatever shape and size you need. My suggestions are an elongated oval or round. Take care that it’s not so big that the twig wreath will be floppy or be pulled out shape by the weight of your twigs and decorative items.
Once the end of your clothes hanger wire has been secured around the base of the hanger’s hooked end; take your wire pliers and slowly bend the hook to make more of an “eye” or a circle positioned closer to the big wire circle you just made making sure that it will be covered by your twigs.

Step 4.) Cut about a dozen pieces of florist wire about six inches long.

Step 5.) Pick up a handful of twigs and use one piece of your florist wire to make a tight bunch. Repeat this step until you have enough bunches to cover your wire base.

Step 6.) Taking one bunch at a time, using a continuous strand of florist wire start to secure each bunch to your base form carefully overlapping one over the other. The last bunch in the process should be fastened so that it completely hides the wire form. Clip the wire and weave it in so that the sharp end is not a danger.

Step 7.) Unadorned twig wreaths are beautiful in their natural state, but it’s fun to decorate them for the seasons or for special occasions like a housewarming party or to include as a baby shower gift.

For instance:
  • A primitive Easter Bunny and carrot made from cutter quilt scraps or some homemade Easter eggs will dress your creation up as a wonderful Easter wreath.

  • A few vintage baby rattles or toys transform a plain grapevine or twig wreath into a lovely baby shower gift for a nature minded mom.

  • Sprays of red pepper berries, holly berries or dried ornamental pepper pods make a festive Christmas wreath.
  • Colorful autumn leaves will carry your twig wreath from fall right up to the Christmas holidays.

A homemade wreath is such a creative and inexpensive gift, not to mention they are so easy and fun to make, that you will want to build an inventory of these beauties to keep on hand.

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