Tuesday, March 10, 2009


French Parisian Wall Decals, Stickers, Clings and Appliques

For those seeking to recreate the atmosphere of the Champs de Elysees, Parisian wall decals of the Eiffel Tower and other scenes from gay Paris will come in ever so handy. Barring having a starving artist pitch a tent in the bedroom or den of your home in order to get a mural of the Parisian countryside painted on your walls for a hefty price, French wall decals are the best alternative.

I do not mean to suggest that you should go pasting pastoral scenes or images associated with impressionist prints on the walls. What I would suggest in the way of stickers would be something of a more sophisticated and slightly less complex design.

When it comes to Parisian wall decals, Eiffel tower stickers are impossible to beat. They are a decorator's dream as there are stickers as large or as small as your space may require. If a French wall decal that spans the floor to the ceiling is required to decorate your wall according to your taste, no problem. Believe it or not, even color matching will not be an issue. I have recently noted that manufacturers have taken liberty with the traditional black design of this Parisian landmark by turning out French wall decals in pink, purple and even red.

One can only assume that there are fabrics and styles of decor that would clash with the architectural wonder in its original form. Although I must admit that I prefer my French wall decals in a more authentic style and design; basic black cutouts are preferred whenever possible. But I do try to keep an open mind so I never say never.

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Anonymous said...

I think that it would be very cool for the Eiffel Tower wall decal to be decorated with twinkle lights!