Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Whether you know them as decorative, vinyl wall decals ,
wall stickers or appliques, you have to admit they have really come into their own as fashionable decor for bedrooms, kitchens or even family rooms. Stickers made from cheap, plastic materials from the past have been replaced with much improved, vinyl that is so resilient that the applications for their use have virtually exploded onto the home decorating scene.

I don’t know about you, but a few years back I considered the best place for vinyl stickers was in the bottom of the bathtub to add some traction to an otherwise slippery surface. There were little fish, seashells and other cutouts that one might associate with water. Although what the inhabitants of the ocean and shower baths had in common other than water escapes me even now.

Today, decorative vinyl wall decals for the home have moved beyond the limits of the bathroom door. And while sea creatures are still popular subjects for wall appliques, their latest version might glow in the dark or feature a 3D design. Actually I’ve only seen glow in the dark solar system wall appliqués but who says that a starfish won’t be next?


The beauty of using removable baby nursery wall decals to decorate your little one's room or that hard to fill spot behind your favorite chair in the den is that you can experiment to your heart’s content. If you aren’t happy with the effect on one area of your home’s decor, peel it off and stick it on the wall in another room. I’m sure that you will agree that sheer mobility may give wall stickers an advantage over stenciling in many situations.

You may be having difficulties in wrapping your head around stickers in living areas of your home. But take it from me that not only are they stylish but the right wall stickers can do wonders for solving decorating problems.

As an example, I recently used a chandelier wall appliqué in a formal dining room that was too small for a large ceiling fixture. The results were dramatic. The large sticker on the walls gave the illusion of a chandelier over the table without actually taking up space which made the room look bigger and might I say, very trendy and stylish.


Flowers and tropical fish wall stickers are still out there, only now there are coral reef stickers and many more ocean creatures that will add layer upon layer of color and interest to your designs. Animals are another big hit with decorators. Life size jungle stick ons of zebra, giraffes and big cats do a lot to punch up the activity in painted murals. And teeny boppers can rejoice in the knowledge that many of their favorite pop idols have a selection of wall decals in their promotional product lines.


Here's where wall decals move boldly where no other sticker has dared to go. Word stickers for walls are primarily custom made according to your specifications. And it shouldn't surprise you to know that special orders for wall phrase decals have gone through the roof. Everything from funny sayings to your favorite Bible verses can be printed and made ready to decorate your walls in beautiful script. Use them in place of wallpaper borders at chair rail height or to span the room directly under the crown molding. It's entirely up to you and that's just another aspect that makes them so appealing.

Here’s a little decorating secret; wall stickers are wonderful to camouflage flaws in a room’s wall paint. Nicks and nail holes disappear without having to spring for painting the entire area. And those are just a few of the pros of inexpensive, reusable vinyl wall decals. Stay tuned to find more unique and interesting wall decorating ideas and tips on how to use stickers to make your home more beautiful for very cheap price.


Crown Molding said...

This is a great room pictured above. I really like all the design details...very inviting.

The removable wall sticks very fun and give you the ability to continually change your room from time to time.


Joe said...

I love the tree decal on the first picture. Can you tell me where you found that decal? I've searched the net high and low with no luck. We are re-decorating our room and this would be perfect!

JakiO said...

They sell this particular design on eBay. The call it "Blossom Tree". Click here:

This is def a great way to decorate your home, especially if you are a renter who can't paint or make too many holes in the walls!

Anonymous said...

Are those twinkle lights on the wall decal or just light colored blossoms on the ends of the branches?

Does anyone know of any large decals that have electrical lights as part of the design? I think that would be pretty cool.

Angela Alvin said...

I love the Modern Vinyl Wall Art on the first picture. Can you tell me where you found that decal? I've searched the net high and low with no luck. We are re-decorating our room and this would be perfect!