Wednesday, May 20, 2009


whale wall decals stickers appliques murals blue killer large

whale wall decals stickers appliques murals blue killer large

Applications for whale wall decals and stickers are as vast as the ocean that these magnificent creatures call home. I can recall seeing pictures of plaster whales decorating the walls of bathrooms as early as the 1950s. As I call to mind the image of these cute whales with bubbly personalities and of all things, big beautiful eyes and long curling eyelashes, I can easily understand why these vintage pieces are so highly sought after today.

Some decorators would settle for nothing less than one of these early examples of whale wall art to gussy up their bedroom or bath. But for the person with a limited budget or a large expanse of wall to fill, whale wall stickers might be the best choice.

Whale wall stickers and wallpaper borders to match the whale baby bedding and decor in a nursery are no more in keeping with reality than they were in their molded form of several decades past. For kids’ rooms, pink, lavender or even lime green whales are just as common as killer or blue whale stickers.

To please the decorative taste of scuba divers who have been up close and personal with the original article, there are large whale wall decals that will please the most critical eye. These are wonderful additions to deep sea murals where a realistic appearance is preferred. Plus, you can peel the removable, vinyl whale wall decals off the wall and rearrange them any time you change apartments or just to give your whale wall mural a fresh new look.

As far as price is concerned, all versions are cheap compared to having a mural painted, much less time consuming that painting one yourself or hanging a large wallpaper mural that would be nearly impossible to relocate should you have the need.

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