Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painting Wall Stripes

There are many different ways of painting wall stripes including painting walls in uneven stripes vs. uniform stripes or in combinations of wall paint colors.

In baby girl nurseries, painting walls in pink stripes is very popular and of course the same is true for baby blue on a boy's nursery walls. But just so you know, painting wall stripes is NOT just for a baby's room as this home office decorating project where the walls have been painting in a soft, neutral gray and white color scheme clearly proves.

My opinion of the reason that striped wall painting is so popular would be that it's an easy technique that even a beginner who has never held a paint brush can master, stripes have a big visual impact and those crisp, clean lines give a space such an organized, orderly atmosphere even when the kids have done everything in their power completely destroy my efforts to make the room neat and tidy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Paint Circles on the Wall

How to paint circles and polka dots on the wall without using stencils, decals stickers appliques or wallpaper cut outs

Why anyone would want to know how to paint circles on the wall when there are so many ways to get those circles in place using decals and stickers is difficult for me to understand.

Knowing that these are viable options and yet you are still looking for instructions for
how to paint circles on the wall
, I have to assume that your reasons might have something to do with getting an exact paint color match or just having some leftover paint in buckets that's just sitting around and needs to be used up to keep it out of the local landfill.

If the latter is your reason, I applaud you for doing your part to save the environment and hope that you will send in some pictures of your
wall decorating ideas
when you're done!

Another way of decorating the walls with circles in addition to painting or stenciling would be to make circles out of leftover fabric and Styrofoam discs. The instructions for how to make this circular shaped wall art seem very easy to follow and from the pictures, the artwork is not only lightweight but you get to use up all that leftover fabric from your sewing projects (not as green as keeping paint out of the landfill but good for organizing your home) and it looks amazing!