Wednesday, March 25, 2009


giant camo wall decals

These giant camo wall decals are the perfect wall art for your kids camo bedroom walls. Military tanks, jeeps and hummers bursting through the walls will trump traditional, framed camo wall art any day of the week!

Hanging rolls of wall covering can be more than the average do it yourself decorating buff wants to tackle. It’s a battle to get the wallpaper smooth and straight and those of us who have done it a few times know it requires a lot of trips up and down a ladder. Even with the best assistant on hand to help, installing a complete camo wall mural is a big job that’s not for sissies.

In comparison, even giant camo wall decals are a piece of cake. Vinyl camouflage stickers offer quick and easy camouflage wall decor with a fraction of the effort or the cost. The large military tank or jeep wall decal will probably take care of one bedroom wall with no other decorations necessary. To decorate the remainder of the kids’ bedroom walls or the baby’s camo nursery, you could make an arrangement of small camo wall appliques that have been cut in shapes of helicopters, fighter jets or jeeps. To personalize your project, spell your child’s name or initials out in pink, blue or olive green, mossy oak camo wooden wall letters.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


vintage ingram regulator wall clocks

Whenever I come across unique
vintage wall clocks I not only have to resist the urge to take each and every one home with me; I have to use self control to will myself to get on with my day and not drift into dreams of what monumental occurrences had transpired surrounding the item. The pendulums and the resonance of the tick tock engages me in thought and fanciful imaginings of the happenings in the seconds, minutes and hours that the hands of these timepieces have marked along the way.

Each one has its own style unlike the plastic, mass produced clocks in today’s stores. What modern electronic timekeeping devices offer in accuracy, they lack in personality and presence in the home. Standing beside vintage clocks, they come across as so sterile, one dimensional and boring. Digital clocks are easy to read, efficient and compact but they simply don’t speak to me.

The movements of an elegant piece designed to not only mark the time but to decorate may seem old fashioned to some. But I find it very comforting to hear the steady ticking of my great-grandmother’s clock echoing in the halls when I open the door to my otherwise empty house.

I was fortunate enough that my ancestors were the kind that resisted most advances in technology. While others were downsizing and upgrading, mine believed that it was always better to maintain and fix items they owned including those massive antique clocks that were at times a challenge to fit into homes with standard height ceilings and limited wall space.

Vintage clocks and furnishings that were a part of your forebears daily lives are priceless. However, if you did not inherit a grandfather clock in every sense of the word should that prevent you from owning an antique or vintage wall clock? Certainly not! Start a tradition of your own and pass it forward.

If you believe that a large wooden, floor or wall clock won’t fit in your modern apartment or blend with your decor I would encourage you to look further and become acquainted with the various options that are available to you. There are retro, vintage clocks that are small, colorful and lots of fun. Vintage clocks don’t have to be formal. Some collectors enjoy vintage, advertising clocks in their kitchens and game rooms. Model airplane enthusiasts might enjoy an aircraft clock that you lucked up and found on ebay. Little girls with a kitty cat bedroom might appreciate a kit cat clock.

If your budget won’t allow the purchase of an authentic antique clock, don’t be a snob and deprive yourself of the pleasure of owning a clock with character; find a store that specializes in reproductions until you can afford the real deal.

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Friday, March 20, 2009


candy wall decorations decor stickers decals vinyl

For colorful, sweet flavor without the sticky faces, it would be hard to compete with vinyl candy wall decorations. Stickers for the baby’s nursery are relatively common and have given solid wallpaper and borders some stiff competition due to the fact that decals are so easy to apply. A rank amateur can get the job done with professional results in a few minutes. Plus, candy wall decor, unlike rolls of wallpaper border are removable as well as reusable.

These candy wall decorations will mask the minor flaws on your walls that might otherwise require at the least detailed preparation before the application process could take place. At the worst, a light touch up including sanding and filling holes and sanding them smooth again might be required for the best results.

I can imagine a unique room based on one of my favorite kid’s games, Candyland. What a wonderful opportunity to surround your kids with candy and sweets without the worry of damage to their dental work! The only problem might be convincing your toddler that although the wall stickers might look good enough to eat they are for decorative purposes alone!

What an excellent way to bring your child’s favorite characters, Uncle Wrigley and all the colorful locations of the board game to life. Not to mention that the space will be a delightful display of color and fun until your little ones outgrow their candy wall decorations at which time you can simply peel your candy wall d├ęcor off the walls and replace them with decals that reflect their current interests and color choices.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


French Parisian Wall Decals, Stickers, Clings and Appliques

For those seeking to recreate the atmosphere of the Champs de Elysees, Parisian wall decals of the Eiffel Tower and other scenes from gay Paris will come in ever so handy. Barring having a starving artist pitch a tent in the bedroom or den of your home in order to get a mural of the Parisian countryside painted on your walls for a hefty price, French wall decals are the best alternative.

I do not mean to suggest that you should go pasting pastoral scenes or images associated with impressionist prints on the walls. What I would suggest in the way of stickers would be something of a more sophisticated and slightly less complex design.

When it comes to Parisian wall decals, Eiffel tower stickers are impossible to beat. They are a decorator's dream as there are stickers as large or as small as your space may require. If a French wall decal that spans the floor to the ceiling is required to decorate your wall according to your taste, no problem. Believe it or not, even color matching will not be an issue. I have recently noted that manufacturers have taken liberty with the traditional black design of this Parisian landmark by turning out French wall decals in pink, purple and even red.

One can only assume that there are fabrics and styles of decor that would clash with the architectural wonder in its original form. Although I must admit that I prefer my French wall decals in a more authentic style and design; basic black cutouts are preferred whenever possible. But I do try to keep an open mind so I never say never.

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