Monday, February 21, 2011


Curious George The Astronaut Nursery Wall Mural Hand Painted Art

This picture has more than a few amazing rocket ship theme nursery wall ideas. In fact, they would work for a rocket ship themed room for an older boy as well as an infant astronaut.

The outer space wall mural was inspired by one of the ever popular Curious George storybooks. The parents of the lucky little boy who occupies the space painted the artwork themselves using an overhead projector to perfect the layout of the characters only after they had the dark midnight blue background color in place. I love how they used a bright yellow paint color in the rest of the nursery to contrast with the dark blue color of outer space as well as to pick up the color of the moon and stars.

After they painted the background color and had all of the drawings of the spaceship, Curious George the Astronaut and the moon and stars in place they filled in the colors using the outlines that they had traced.

The spaceship wall mural is just one of the rocket ship theme that are shared in the instructions. There are several pictures of outer space themed wall decorating ideas and decorations including a nifty spaceship storage unit and shelves decorated with lamps and other items in keeping with the "intergalactic" atmosphere of the room.

Friday, February 4, 2011


custom personalized inspirational wall decals stickers words
We are accustomed to seeing inspirational wall decals with one single word, like "PEACE" or a short group of words like "HANG IN THERE", but isn't this group of amazing custom wall stickers much more inspiring not to mention decorative? I'm sorry that I don't have a better picture of the wall so that you can see the letters more clearly but the battery in my digital camera was in its final death throes and this is the best I could do. If you really focus and maybe squint your eyes a tiny bit you can see the letters well enough to get the message

The impact of the arrangement using vinyl word decals in so many different fonts and sizes has a much more inspiring, not to mention decorative, impact! I love wall decorating ideas that make you stop and take a second, and possibly a third look. I found this creative arrangement of decorations so riveting that it made me want to pull up a seat and pause for a few quiet moments of meditation and reflection of the meaning of each and every one of the the inspirational wall decals. Now that, my friend, is wall decor with a purpose far beyond making your home attractive and stylish.