Friday, June 26, 2009


Back in the late 70s and early 80s, owls were all the rage. Today there are owl wall decals in the craft and home decorating stores produced to match trendy teenage girls owl bedding are decorating the walls of bedrooms. Some fall in line with a warm retro look. Other owl wall stickers are seen in softer pastel colors to coordinate with baby owl bedding sets and nursery decor.


Decorating with owl wall decals can be very interesting in that you might line up a row of these cute creatures over a bedroom door in sizes graduating from large to small or you might use them as part of a rustic or woodsy wall mural along with a variety of other forest creatures. Perhaps a more modern approach would be to position a tree mural on the wall and perch your owl stickers on the branches along with the leaves.


Orange and brown earth tones have been very popular perhaps in keeping with some species natural coloring. But don't let tradition keep you from experimenting with pastels or any color that matches the layout of your bedroom. Have fun, be fanciful and see how many creative ways that these birds can be used to decorate the walls of your home.

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Monday, June 8, 2009


cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

Thanks to the cute bee wall stickers, the bee theme wall painting technique that you see in the above picture is easier to execute than you might imagine. Using cute bee vinyl stickers or a sheet or two of cheap honey bee decals will save you a lot of time, aggravation and flatten the earning curve of learning to paint bumble bees to such a level that even kids could arrange these graphics on the wall with no problem.

cute vinyl bee wall stickers decals beehive honey bee bumble bee

There are several different styles of honey bee decals that you can experiment with. The ones that were used in between the stenciled words in the photo were part of a bedding set by Wendy Bellissimo. I believe that the use of the single bee wall stickers look best for this particular display. But not every decorator has the time or the skills to effectively stencil bees or the words directing visitors to the kids’ bedroom to "Bee Kind", "Bee Loving", "Bee Happy" and "Bee True" without damaging the cheerful, yellow paint on the walls.

If you wanted to skip painting the inspirational words on your bee theme wall, perhaps the best honey bee decals for your purpose would be those that come in a collection that include beehives, butterflies, flowers and other insects that might be found in a cottage garden setting to fill out your decorative wall display.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


pink and black wall decor stickers decals polka dots

Imagine a wall covered in pink French poodles and Eiffel Towers or some other pink and black wall decor that matches your daughter’s or your own taste in bedroom design. Chances are that if you have a picture in your mind of a particular wall covering, decal or sticker there is a vendor out there that not only has the design of your dreams ready and waiting to be arranged on the walls of your home but that is willing to personalize the pink and black wall decals with whatever name or saying that you would care for.

As I mentioned earlier, pink French poodles are all the rage at the moment for use in a tiny toddler girl’s room as well as ladies of any age with a penchant for all things Parisian. But the fun with does not stop with the use of a single style in vinyl wall decorations as there are so many other fun shapes to experiment with like polka dots and stripes.

pink and wall wall decals hearts


To take a less funky and more romantic approach you might mix things up with some sassy pink and black wall stickers with hearts and flowers in sizes that vary from very large, to medium and very small to keep the arrangement unique and interesting.

pink and black skulls and crossbones wall stickers decals


Pink and black wall decor to complement gothic rooms, believe it or not, can be very cute. Pretty pink skulls and crossbones have never looked better than these modern stickers.

If your idea of the perfect accessory for your decorating project is pink and black wall decor, have no fear, we’ve got you and your walls covered.