Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Bamboo wall stencils are the perfect way to customize any room with an oriental atmosphere or perhaps a room dedicated to the use of bamboo as a sustainable building material. Bamboo is a perfect complement to graceful Asian floral and animal designs like panda bears or even butterflies.

Use repeatable bamboo stencils to decorate an entire accent wall and then carry the theme by stenciling small snips of the design on everything from the face of throw pillows to various pieces of furniture or decorative objects. You can easily paint and decorate the walls as well as accent pillows and even clothing using bamboo stencils. They are a cheap way to get a free form wallpaper look using perfectly matched custom colors or the designs can be stenciled in a vertical stripe pattern to create columns of bamboo much in the same way as wallpapers. The key to pulling this off is to choose bamboo wall stencils in the right size.

Reusable wall stencils offer great value for a very cheap price since you can build a library of stencils and use them over and over for your do-it-yourself wall decorating projects. Free use of color will make each project look fresh and new each and every time which is one of the primary benefits over using vinyl wall decals as wall decorations.