Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Silver and Gold Metallic Wall Paint

Martha Stewart metallic silver and gold paint was used to refinish the nursery furniture, the nursery walls and ceiling
This baby prince nursery theme is full of decorating ideas for silver and gold metallic wall paint. The DIY decorators used Martha Stewart gold metallic paint in the restoration of an old piece of wooden furniture that they up cycled for use as a changing table as well as the baby's nursery ceiling.

In keeping with the baby prince theme of the room, they decided to use silver metallic paint in the nursery wall painting portion of their decorating project and gold in other areas. What I wouldn't give to view this room in person and see for myself how the iron of the knight's armor and the gold and silver metallic paint complement each other.

I'm loving the idea of a gold ceiling and can imagine how elegant it must look. However, I believe that I would prefer to tone down the finish by burnishing the gold and antique-ing the silver in a bedroom to give the space a more lived-in and cozy look.

If you have any decorating ideas for silver and gold metallic wall paint, as well as copper or bronze, that you would like to share; we would love to see pictures of rooms that you decorated and how you used metallic paint in your project.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Wall Decal Made From Contact Paper

Painted Tree Mural with leaves made of contact paper

The baby owl tree mural in the above picture is a multi-media decoration, part painted, part DIY wall decal made from contact paper. The artist simply found contact paper with varying patterns in her color scheme and cut them out using a leaf template and then repeated the process to create her adorable baby owls.

If you have stacks upon stacks of quilt scraps lying around, you might used your fabric scraps to make your leaves, applying them to the walls using the starch method rather than investing money in contact paper. The benefits of a DIY wall decal made from contact paper rather than fabric is that the adhesive backing is already in place and ready to peel and stick without having to mix and manage a starch mixture saving lots of time on cleanup. The advantages of using leftover quilting fabric is obvious, using materials already in your fabric stash makes for an inexpensive wall decorating idea and it puts you on your way to making room for the next fat quarter that strikes your fancy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alligator Wall

The large green alligator is painted on a solid beige color wall in a baby boy's nursery transforming a plain wall shelf into something spectacular!

This alligator wall painting cleverly camouflages a large wall shelf in a baby boy's nursery.

This is just one of the many wall painting techniques that are featured in the jungle themed room. The is a painted tree mural decorated with monkeys and butterflies as well as other jungle creatures hidden almost out of sight in corners and peeking from behind the furnishings in the room. The alligator was painted using a bright, green paint color with the details outlined in black acrylic.

Those of you who are less artistically inclined might consider buying a large alligator wall decal and centering a floating wall shelf on top. Using a sticker rather than painting the wall decorating yourself would save lots of time and (if you're like me) possibly produce more professional looking results.

Here's another example of a room where alligators play a big role in mom and dad's ideas for a baby boy nursery. See the light green alligator just to the left of the baby boy's dresser in this golf themed nursery?

Which brings up the fact that if you want to decorate your baby's nursery walls with alligators, you don't have to paint or use wall decals; you can stencil your gator on the wall using any paint color you like!

Where can you put these wall painting ideas to work?

You could use them in kids' jungle theme bedroom or nursery or your alligator could hang out by your painted golf course's water trap like the one in the picture above!