Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sesame Street Wall decor Oscar and Big Bird Baby Nursery Wall Mural Painting Stickers Decals

The type of Sesame Street wall decor that you choose for your decorating project is just as important to your kids bedroom theme as the Sesame Street bedding that you just found (hopefully) on sale at a huge discount. Will you take the quick and easy route for decorating the walls by using large, removable vinyl wall decals
or stickers? Or will you jump in and spend the time (or lots of money if you hire an artist) to paint a wall mural like the one in the above picture that includes all of the Sesame Street Characters from Big Bird and Elmo to Cookie Monster and the Count?

All of the characters are colorful, cute and make for a delightfully cheerful bedroom or nursery design so the choice is yours as to which is your favorite! Maybe your decision doesn't have as much to do with a favorite character as it does with successfully completing a balanced color scheme,

If a red and yellow color scheme works for you, feature Elmo and Big Bird in your wall art. If blue and yellow is your taste, Big Bird and Cookie Monster should be the stars in your Sesame Street wall decor. Some of the best wall painting ideas in this theme include the neighborhood in the background with the characters peeping out of garbage cans or just hanging out on the stoop. Another tip would be to frame some posters and a Sesame Street sign to add another dimension and give your wall art depth.