Saturday, November 1, 2008


NEW THANKSGIVING WALLPAPER! It's November the first and not only is it the day you get to empty your pumpkin till your tummy is ready to explode and you are in a sugar induced fog. Nor is it simply the last part of the season when we can enjoy that extra hour of late afternoon sunshine that daylight savings time gives us.

In my world, the first day of November is the official kickoff off the holiday season that holds the three heavy hitters of the entire year; Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year's Eve. Not to skip lightly over Halloween and New Year's Day but I'm forced to hit the high spots sometimes due to lack of time or space.

I can't wait to see the latest animated, funny free Thanksgiving wallpaper for the desktop computer. Here's hoping that there is an update on last year's Pilgrim chasing a turkey with a hatchet. That one was so funny that it did a lot to diminish the sadness experienced at the passing of the fun we had Trick or Treat as well as having to remove my spooky ringtones and Jack o' Lantern screensavers and wallpapers.

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper
is perhaps the only reason I forego the pristine fall scenery with perfect temperatures in the 70s to stay indoors and update my desktop, laptop and cell phone. How can beautiful fall leaves compare to 3d wallpaper with a cute wallpaper featuring a turkey holding a poster that says "Eat Pork" or an animated offering with a dancing turkey?

Vegetarians might prefer a screensaver of an unblemished pumpkin that somehow managed to escape being carved in honor of Halloween wearing a black Pilgrim hat decorated with the traditional square pewter buckle. Perhaps this one should come with the disclaimer that no animals were harmed in the filming of this free Thanksgiving wallpaper.

My friends and I wait with baited breath for the first
cool wallpaper for computers
this season while knowing that there is little that can be done to improve our traditional favorites. Could it be possible that they have found something exciting and new to do with turkeys, Pilgrims, corn stalks and pumpkins? After all, it will be difficult to top an animated turkey doing the foxtrot.

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