Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nautical Nursery Wall Decor

When we think of nautical nursery wall decor, images of sailboats and lighthouses come to mind. Painting elaborate scenes of Nantucket Bay on the walls would be difficult to manage but as this picture of a baby boy's sailboat nursery proves; sometimes it's just better to keep things simple. These stenciled designs certainly get the job done.

Nautical baby nursery wall decor painted using sailboat stencils.

See more nautical nursery wall decor created with sailboat stencils and a quote created with homemade vinyl wall letters here.

The mother that submitted these pictures did a super job of decorating his sailboat themed room using a combination of painting techniques and decals that she made herself. She even managed the vinyl letters for the beautiful quote that we see on the walls which was, I'm sure, no small feat since the saying from a favorite childhood song that her grandmother sang to her was pretty lengthy!

Other types of nautical nursery wall decor that are less subtle would be flags, life rings painting to reflect the nursery's color scheme and antique brass fittings. One of my favorite ways to decorate the walls of a nautical themed bedroom is to take a trip to my favorite beach or harbor and take my own black and white pictures and have them printed and framed. There is no substitute for art that has memories of a fine day forever attached.