Sunday, November 16, 2008


decorative venetian glass wall mirrors large
Wall mirrors are so much more than a convenient way to do those last minute touchups to makeup and hair before we leave our homes or receive guests. Where once upon a time they were used for that purpose and that purpose alone, they are now recognized for their decorative and esthetic value.

Any style of decor is capable of opening its arms to receive this versatile decoration. The benefit of decorating with mirrors is that the have the power to reflect available sunlight to the point that it is multiplied many times over and has a positive brightening effect on any room. A poorly lit room with northern exposure can be transformed into a cheerful space where little artificial lighting is necessary except during the darkest hours of night.


Mirrors were once limited to the homes of the wealthy. Before ones made of glass were available, large rectangles or circles of polished metal were used to get a general idea of the viewer’s reflection.


Square, rectangle and round wall mirrors of all sizes both large and small are cheap and readily available in home improvement and discount stores. For spots in your decorative arrangements where no standard sizes will work, specialty shops will custom cut mirrors in unusual shapes to fit any space.


Bathroom and 3 way wall mounted magnifying mirrors are helpful to reflect light and are often decorative. But their primary purpose in these particular locations is for their magnifying powers and to give us views of our faces from multiple angles. Convex mirrors are less than useful for facial reflection as they would produce, because of their unique shapes, rather odd reflection. This style of mirror is by tradition hung high on the wall over a fireplace or other area that is higher than eye level. They are also useful in automobiles to eliminate blind spots, but that is information that is best used for another article.


It’s rare to see any style of unframed wall decoration. Mirrors of this type are the exception to this rule. The wire hangers are cleverly attached with silver clamps that are cleverly camouflaged around the edges leaving the reflective glass to almost float on the surface that it is used to decorate.


There are many applications for big mirrors other than behind the sofa or on the back of the dressing room door. Dance and exercise studios often have walls covered in mirrors from side to side and floor to ceiling. Dancers and fitness buffs can see themselves and perfect their form by studying their body’s in motion. Another unique use for large mirrors is as a headboard of a bed.

So long as there is proper support for the weight of the glass, there is no bad place in the home for decorative mirrors.

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Monday, November 10, 2008


bird wall decal sticker mural bird cage wall stencil

It may not have a big wing span, may not flutter or fly, but bird wall decor can still lift your spirits and brighten a room by bringing the mood of outdoors into our living spaces. And you don't have to be an avid bird watching ornithology buff to appreciate the beauty of these delicate creatures.

We may never be able to enjoy the feeling of freedom that flying without benefit of mechanical assistance but that should not stop you from enjoyment of birds. Here are some bird oriented home decorating ideas that are quick, easy and inexpensive. And best of all, you can do it yourself.


With some sheets of stiff plastic, a brush and some paint you can not only skip buying rolls of wallpaper border that's expensive and messy to hang on the walls. There is the issue of preparing the surfaces in such a way that the pre-pasted paper will stick properly. Plus, we are all not natural paper hangers. Some of us have to pay a professional to come in and do the work which adds even more to the expense of creating our decorative bird wall. Bird stencils are cheap in comparison and you can pick and choose the best colors that work with your furnishing and accessories already in your home. There are no rules that say that you have to stick to the natural colors of your favorite species. If you need lavender flamingoes, go for it.


Bird wall decals may be the least expensive and most amusing way of all to get a flock of pretty birds on your walls. To display them to full advantage, you may want to take the time to have a tree mural made of wall stickers in place where they can rest as well as a blue sky where they can sail on the imaginary breezes.


The classic bird clock would, of course, be the traditional cuckoo clock. However, modern wall clocks with bird designs include everything from singing bird clocks to Tweety Bird cuckoo clocks. So, long as you stay in keeping with the feel of the rest of the room, take your pick.


Bird wall sconces may be the most attractive of all styles of bird wall decor. Bird candle holder sconces or electrical fixtures with lamp shades edged in feathers are very fashionable in formal areas and the bedroom.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


wall clocks decorative unique unusual

Wall clocks have come along way from their original purpose of telling us the time of any given day. In fact there are more than a few of these classic timepieces that remain in place in homes that have long since lost this ability. We have come to appreciate the fact that they are not only useful, but pretty to look at as well.

The inner workings of the clock are masterpieces in themselves with their gears and very few can say they find the sound of the tick tock anything but calming. And I, for one, am hypnotized when in the presence of a large pendulum wall clock or grandfather clock.


That depends on how much space you have and where you want to hang it on the wall. You may want to take a small and a large clock home with you so that you can experiment. There is a very fine line between a perfect fit and looking out of kilter. The clock shouldn’t seem crowded and oversized, nor should it be floating about lost with too much room on the top, sides and bottom.


The same rules applies to this situation as with any other decorating decision. For instance, it might look odd to hang a contemporary
wall clock
in a room with early Victorian furnishings. On the other hand, I have seen good results with novelty or retro clocks in an eclectic room that had more than its fair share of vintage memorabilia displays. When in doubt, ask the opinion of the decorative consultant in the furniture store where you trade.


Modern wall clocks are made of most any material you can name from rustic wood to polished steel. Wooden clocks of one style or another are appropriate in all but the most modern of rooms. A clock with a stained wooden case should blend well with the rest of the wood finishes in the area of your home where it is located. Some wood finishes mix and match betters, so you will have to be the judge whether or not oak or cherry is best.

Brass, stainless steel or even copper clocks look wonderful on wood walls. They brighten the area and add interest.


I have seen an increase in the number of decorative clocks in children’s bedrooms in recent years. The idea of putting a clock in the kids’ bedrooms before they can actually tell time is sheer genius! What better way to teach a little one their numbers and how to read the position of the hands of the clock than to hang it where they will see it and become familiar with it? And it doesn’t hurt a single bit that there are so many unique wall clocks to pick from.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


NEW THANKSGIVING WALLPAPER! It's November the first and not only is it the day you get to empty your pumpkin till your tummy is ready to explode and you are in a sugar induced fog. Nor is it simply the last part of the season when we can enjoy that extra hour of late afternoon sunshine that daylight savings time gives us.

In my world, the first day of November is the official kickoff off the holiday season that holds the three heavy hitters of the entire year; Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year's Eve. Not to skip lightly over Halloween and New Year's Day but I'm forced to hit the high spots sometimes due to lack of time or space.

I can't wait to see the latest animated, funny free Thanksgiving wallpaper for the desktop computer. Here's hoping that there is an update on last year's Pilgrim chasing a turkey with a hatchet. That one was so funny that it did a lot to diminish the sadness experienced at the passing of the fun we had Trick or Treat as well as having to remove my spooky ringtones and Jack o' Lantern screensavers and wallpapers.

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper
is perhaps the only reason I forego the pristine fall scenery with perfect temperatures in the 70s to stay indoors and update my desktop, laptop and cell phone. How can beautiful fall leaves compare to 3d wallpaper with a cute wallpaper featuring a turkey holding a poster that says "Eat Pork" or an animated offering with a dancing turkey?

Vegetarians might prefer a screensaver of an unblemished pumpkin that somehow managed to escape being carved in honor of Halloween wearing a black Pilgrim hat decorated with the traditional square pewter buckle. Perhaps this one should come with the disclaimer that no animals were harmed in the filming of this free Thanksgiving wallpaper.

My friends and I wait with baited breath for the first
cool wallpaper for computers
this season while knowing that there is little that can be done to improve our traditional favorites. Could it be possible that they have found something exciting and new to do with turkeys, Pilgrims, corn stalks and pumpkins? After all, it will be difficult to top an animated turkey doing the foxtrot.

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